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Joel Bray is black. Well, he’s white, but black. Y’know? He’s trapped in a hotel room somewhere in Melbourne and you, the audience, are trapped with him. Pull on a bathrobe and share a uniquely immersive and intimate encounter with Bray in the hilarious and revelatory Biladurang.

In this nowhere place Bray takes a pause, looks over his shoulder and takes a good look at his life, asking: ‘Is this where I am supposed to be? Is this who I am supposed to be? What is all this? The drugs? The sex? The cigarettes?’

Biladurang is loosely based on the traditional story of the platypus. It’s a story Bray grew up hearing, identifying with this mutant offspring who doesn’t seem to belong and finds himself roaming in search of a home. This award-winning confessional solo is physical, tender, funny and dark. It’s the perfect dance-theatre one-night stand.

Warnings — Nudity, adult concepts and coarse language. Ages 18+

“A fraught, voyeuristic intention that is difficult to watch, but impossible to turn away from” – Stage Whispers

Previous Presentations

Dance Massive | 19–24 March 2019

Sydney Festival | 11–20 January 2019

Brisbane Festival | 12–15 September 2018

Darwin Festival | 10–12 August 2018

Melbourne Fringe | 20–24 September 2017

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Biladurang was first presented at Melbourne Fringe 2018 with support from Melbourne Fringe, CHUNKY MOVE, Arts House, Ilbijerri and the Wilin Centre. Following a sell-out season the work won three Fringe Awards including Best Performance.